Serious Art: Part 2

It has been a little more than a week since I decided to take my art in a more specific direction. I’m focusing on abstract in a minimal palette, at least for me. So I took out two 12″ by 16″ canvases to work on a diptych, hoping that would force me to work within the confines of genre and palette. Below is one of my first efforts creating some basic shapes, marks, and generally playing with the two canvases.

At this point, I stepped back and took a good hard look at what I liked and what I thought needed to be removed because it did not help the composition. I have a problem at times creating to many little shapes and creating a busy or fussy composition. So I’m trying to create large, medium, and small shapes in a good proportion. After much thought I came to the image below.

You can see I downloaded this image to DrawCast. It helped me work on this piece without wasting time and paint. It gave me direction. But I wasn’t finished yet. I continued adding and subtracting. The following images show the steps and the evolution of the final piece.

And I finished with the image below.

I hope you enjoyed this process. The evolution of a piece always amazes me. What I start with can be so different from where I start. As always I welcome comments and any questions or thoughts you may have. Thanks for visiting.