Inception to Final Product : Abstract Landscape

So you’re ready to start a new creation. That can be intimidating and there are many ways to go about this. Sometimes I find a photo I like or a scene I sketched in plein aire and want to finish in the studio. Other times I start by mark making on a canvas and see where it takes me. On this occasion I felt like taking a photo containing a landscape and break it into abstract shapes to create an abstract landscape.

I took this photo in Florida. I was drawn in by the shapes and thought it would be a good starting point to play with and see where it took me.

The shapes I outlined in red interested me so I went to DrawCast to play with these shapes and create others.

Here is my initial effort. I’m trying not to think too hard but play with shapes and colors.

I’m continue completing shapes and colors till I’m satisfied. I really like the feel and pallet of this piece but remember this was done on DrawCast. Recreating the marks and pallet can be challenging. And I did not create this on standard canvas sizes which I already warned you about. So I have not made my job any easier. (Moral: Don’t do as I do)

I decided to use a 16″ by 20″ canvas and make it work. I gave it an orange under painting and recreated a sketch using a pencil, making sure my focal point(house) was where it belonged in the composition. And other shapes created a composition that brought one into the picture and kept you moving around various points of interest.

I continued adding my pallet understanding that colors and shapes would need to be tweaked.

At this point I’m not happy. I need to decide on a dominant color and I don’t have that yet. I play with colors and go with a blue/green picture.

I am more satisfied with this but there is another problem. The red patch of land is getting much more attention or is fighting for attention with the focal point which is the house.

Here is my solution to the problem. The red field was changed to my dominant color and used the red to enhance my focal point. You can see I also added marks for interest and to add my personal touch.

I always welcome comments and hope you find this as helpful to you as it was for me.

This picture is looking for a good home. It is 16″ by 20″ and done in acrylic. The price is $275.00.