Using Procreate or Drawcast

Procreate and Drawcast are important aids in creating art. I have used both regularly. But there are drawbacks to using them.

Here is a picture I created on Procreate. The program allows one to create marks that can be difficult to reproduce by hand.

Here is the canvas I’ve been working on to recreate the first image. Obviously there are differences in color, composition, and marks. I’m going to continue to work on this and see how it goes. There is a lot to be said of spontaneity. That is starting and creating directly on the canvas and then using a program to tweak the results.

I’m continuing this piece. It is a work in progress. I’ve just added the orange and now I’m letting it dry before I proceed. It’s scary touching a picture but it’s just paint. I keep telling myself that anyway. No pain, no gain.

I’ve continued to work on this piece. Now I’m adding what I call is the jewelry of a picture. The jewelry is those last touches that give it that pizazz. I don’t know if I’m finished. If you have any suggestions out there, I’d love to hear them.